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                                                           '00'                                                             The Shop at Sileby is almost totally trains, the exceptions being a few Diecast Cars, Buses Lorries etc..., and we also often get in old toys (usually transport).
99% of the rest of the shop is Railway Orientated Items, e.g. Hornby, PECO, Bachmann, Lima, Gaugemaster, in fact all the usual RTR new items available today. Discounts available on Bachmann, Hornby and Bulk Orders with other manufacturers.
The Shop business is '0', '00' and some 'G1' items, The shop is stacked with as much, if not more, Second-hand '00' as New (Rolling Stock, Buildings, Track and Scenics). It would be impractical to list the S/hand 00, as the quantity is large and the turnover quick, and it would mean we would spend more time on updating the Web than selling the stock. The S/hand 00 Web Page will show the more rare and hard to get items, but if you require that special piece that is not exactly rare, but has been evading you (like that old Airfix Lowmac with JCB) then please give us a ring, we could just have it.
We specialise in exchanging your unwanted items for any of our products (including other S/hand stock). If you wish to change scales, or just liquidate your stock, Give us a ring or come on in to see us.
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