Acme Models     'HO' Continental & American Second-hand Items        Legend:    M=Mint, E=Excellent, G=Good, F=Fair, W=PlayWorn, P=Poor, V=Very, B=Box.                 This Page is not complete, prices will follow shortly, Pictures available on underlined items
The shop usually has 100's of Second-hand loco's, coaches and wagons. These are the normal Mainline, Hornby, Bachmann, Lima, H/Dublo and Wrenn. Given below are the None British Outline Models and Accessories
Item No
.....Locomotives Description (Boxes included unless specified different),,,  Click underlined sections for pictures
Price Each


Hornby AcHo
Hornby AcHo French SNCF Bo-Bo BB 16009 Loco in excellent condition, both pantographs work, Motor runs smoothly. Box is a commercially designed one for storage of 00 locos.
C74501LilliputClass 45 2-10-2 Tender (with DCC Chip)Excellent£130
C1304120ARocoDB Class 23 2-6-2 (with DCC Chip)Excellent£120
C1443243RocoDB Class 01 4-6-2 (no picture yet) (with DCC Chip)Excellent£100
C1504126ARocoDB Class 43 2-10-0 Oil Burning (with DCC Chip)Excellent£105

DRG Class 184 4-6-0 (Black) (with DCC Chip)

Coaches Description (Boxes included unless specified different)
C215801Fleischmann2 available (no picture yet)Excellent£25
C235087Fleischmann2 available (no picture yet)Excellent£25


RocoS Mechte Sonderserig 11 EPOCH  (Set of 6 CoachesExcellent£100
C25 RocoResturant Car (no picture yet)Excellent£20
C2854402Roco1st. Class (no picture yet)Excellent£20
C2954401Roco2nd. Class     2 available (no picture yet) Excellent£20
Wagons Description
C3294 5803 FleischmannBauzug Boxed Set (Wagons superb, Kit crane needs painting)Excellent£40
C335314FleischmannGoods Vans   5 available (4 Brown, 1 Green)V Good£10
C345568FleischmannTrack Cleaning Wagon with Spare pads (boxed)Excellent£18
C355521FleischmannHopper Wagons bogie Erz IIId   2 availableExcellent£12
C365014Fleischmann4 plank open Wagons    2 availableV Good£7
C36a5014Fleischmann4 plank open Wagons with Load    2 availableV Good£8

Flat Wagon Long Wheelbase

V Good£8
C385392FleischmannSwivel Roof bogie wagonV Good£12
C395012FleischmannOpen Wagons    3 availableV Good£8
C39a5012FleischmannOpen Wagons With Misc Load    1 availableV Good£10
C405032FleischmannEsso Tank wagons (Paint faded)  3 availableFair£5
C40a5032FleischmannEsso Tank wagonV Good£8
C415042FleischmannSeefische VanGood£8
C425046FleischmannReickelbraw VanGood£8
C435228FleischmannBeer TankerV Good


C445215FleischmannOpen WagonV Good£8
C45a5301FleischmannGuards Van   (Green) V small roof chip, no lights)Poor£6
C465043FleischmannWienerwald VanV Good£8
C475216FleischmannBolster wagon (No Load)V Good£10
C485335FleischmannWartech Beer VanGood£12
C495222FleischmannFlat Wagon with rotational Bolsters     3 availableV Good£10
C50 FleischmannBayern Cement Bogie WagonV Good£14
C51 FleischmannLong Wheelbase Open Container WagonV Good£12
C525357FleischmannPilsner Larger VanV Good£10
C535364FleischmannFreight Van (Green)V Good£12
C545363FleischmannFreight Van (Brown)V Good£12
C555365FleischmannFreight Van with Cab (Brown)V Good£14
C5646143RocoOil Tank      3 available (Boxed) E,BE£8
C5746137RocoOil Tank      2 available (Boxed) E,BE£8
C5846105RocoVan Long WheelbaseV Good£8
C5946820RocoDB Vans    2 available N/A
C6046286RocoTelescopic VanV Good£15
C61 RocoVan Long Wheelbase    2 availableV Good£8
C6246016RocoDB Van    2 available N/A
C63 RocoLowenbrau Van    Good£8
C64 RocoDinkelacker Beir VanGood£8
C6544002RocoVan GR (Set of 10)     3 available N/A
C6746128RocoGravel Wagon      2 availableV Good£7
C6846043RocoVan      AS N/A
C6946014RocoBogie Van     ASV Good£14
Track & Controllers Description
C716003Marklin 240 V Transformer for 6027 & 6035 

  £200   all 3

C726027MarklinDigital Central Unit 
C736035MarklinDigital Control 80 
 All Track is Roco Trackbed  
C7442527RocoSet Curves     6 Boxes    R9 £5
C7542528RocoSet Curves     3 Boxes    R10 £5
C7842594RocoDouble Slip   with motors fitted 1 available £20
C7942543Roco3-way Turnouts    1 available with motors fitted £20
C80 Roco   
C81 Roco   
C8410526RocoSwitch for 42594 & 42543    2 available 
C8510520Roco4-way switches for Digital Turnouts  4 available (will operate 4 points) 
C8610603RocoConductor Connectors for 10520 & 10526      2 available 
C8710602RocoConductor Connectors      12 available 
C906012FleischmannUncoupler (Electically Operated)     4 available 
C91 Fleischmann4-way Switches for 6012 1 available 

   Last updated 20th October 2006