Acme Model Products                             Post and Package Information

This page is to give the customer some idea of the costs of Postage & Packaging

Kits 'O' & 'G1'

Cost of sending a Kit is £7.50 inc insurance (Cover £250), 2 kits in the one package will go for £11, Parcels sent without insurace (Basic £25) decrease P&P by £1, any items that can be included in the in the boxes (i.e. Motors/Wheels) will go Free of Charge

RTR 'O' & 'G1'

Generally speaking we do not like sending these items through the Post, (we have had some disasters, no matter what we do to prevent it). We would prefer customer collection, or halfway meet if halfway is under 30 miles. A lot of our customers arrange collection at the Model shows that we attend (GOG shows). If there is no option but to post then we would strongly recommed a Wooden Carrying Case. These cases normally retail at Case size + £12 for 'O' gauge. RTR orders have a special rate, cost + small handling charge, 'G1' Price on application. Postage will not be charged (in the UK) if Wooden Box is purchased.

Castings (All types)

1-5 items       £2.00,             5-10 Items     £3.00,      10 and above     £3.50


Etchings have to be packed between Hardboard for protection. This effects the cost, up to 5 etch sheets can be sent for £5,        6 and above sheets for £7.


'O' gauge wheel set P&P will be £3.00, Motors/GBox at £2.50, both together cost £3.50.        'G1' Cast wheels per set will be £3.50 (you should get these wheels cheaper by dealing direct with Walsall Model Industries).

'OO' Items

Loco @ £2.00 each,          Coaches @£1 each,         Wagons @ 50p          Minimum £1.50,            Maximum £5, Order over £100 post free.

Books & Videos

P&P ia @ 10% of value of order,       Minimum £1.50,       Maximum £5,       Over £75 P&P Free