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GWR/BR Modified/Unmodifier 'Hall'
References in brackets are Slaters
A most numerous and very useful locomotive. Found all over the GWR and BR(W) & BR(S). The kit allows the builder to build either the original or the modified version. The kit will come with either the Collett or Hawksworth Tenders (even the 8 wheeler can be built), has Brass Loco and Tender bodies with N/Silver chassises. Castings in White Metal. This is an ideal kit for builders to 'get their teeth into'. A handsome model when finished. Addition LWB castings pack available.
History:     Intro 1928      Weight(loco) 72t10cwt     T.E. 27.275lbs       Total in class 258
Modelling Details:  Wheels: Drivers 6'0" (7872),   Frnt/B 3'1" (7837),   Tndr 4'1" (7849)
GWR/BR Nos 4900-4999, 5900-5999, 6900-6958  Modified Hall: 6559-6999, 7900-7929
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If you have models of this loco from our kits and you would like to put them on the gallery, please send us your pictures, either real photos, disc or e-mail (preferably jpeg). All real photos will be returned if requested. (Please specify if 'O' or Gauge 1).
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