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LMS/BR 4-4-0 '2P'
References in brackets are Slaters
LMS / MR 2P 4.4.0. Inc Fowler 3500 Gal Tender. The kit builds left or right hand drive. N/Silver Loco body and chassises with Brass Tender body , containing lost wax detail. W/Metal castings for non-structural items. Full cab detail etc. Will build most prototypes and can be worked on to build earlier Midland types(E. Mid). Kit can be sold with or withoutTender, so that earlier tender types can be obtained.  
       History :         Intro 1912 (for E Mid), 1928 the rest.  Weight(loco) 54t 1cwt                                               Total in class 134 (+33 E Mid)
Modelling Details: Wheels: Drivers 6'9" (7881M or ST), Frt/B 3'6" (7843), Tndr 4'3" (7851ST)
                      LMS Nos.:563-700 (E.M. 332-357), BR Nos. 40563-700(40332-40577)                                                    Nos 633-5 built for S&DJR
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