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This page is for information and guide lines on Pattern Making, Mold Making and W/Metal Castings

All our Castings and Mould making is now done by Praestige Models.
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Acme run 2 Centrifugal White Metal casting machines and a High pressure Mould Maker.
Doing our own castings means we can keep the costs down, but also we can control the Quality Assurance. The casting shop is usually quite busy, but we do have slots for 3rd Party Contracts, 1 offs or Long-term
Costs are around £1 per spin + Metal weight at £6 per kilo (There is a few hundred average sized castings in a kilo).
Mould Making

Acme use 6"/9"/11" moulds, of which the area you can use for patterns is the concentric circles Min Dia 3.5 " and Max Dia of 5.5"/8.25"/10.25". We use 2 types of moulds, The Pink Silicon Pinkies(Low-pressure, Low-Heat), and the Black Vulcanized Molds BVM (which are High=Pressure, High Temperature.)


The most common type is the BVM. Patterns can be made in any metal, except Copper.        NO patterns should be made with low-melt solder i.e. 70 Deg.      If 145 C Deg solder is used to assemble the pattern , then the casting shape may well form, but the pattern will probably be destroyed by the heat.   If large amounts of 145 Deg. solder is used for shaping or filling in areas, then mould will fail.      Wood should not be used as today's seasoning standards are extremely poor, and the excessive moisture usually will cause an explosion in the moulding frame, distroying the mould completely.

The average BVM will give at least 1000 high Quality Spins, and then deteriorates to poor quality at 3000 spins. The life of a BVM is approx. 7 years.

Cost of BVM molds are from £30 per standard Thickness (1 inch). Any moulds lost due to customer fault. i.e.  Not adhering to the rules above will be charged for.


Pinkies are low pressure, low temperature moulds, the customer can use almost any material for patterns, Plaricard, Wood (Not Balsa), all metals including Copper. (Crushable materials should not be used i.e. 'Plaster of Paris' etc...)
Cost of Pinkies are from £38 Per standard Thickness(1 inch), and they will make high quality W/Metal casting. If treated with care and consideration, the life can be up to 200 spins, if excessive bending is required to release the castings the spins could drop to under a hundred.
It is essential for the customer to realise that if any pattern that has a cavity, either BVM or Pinky, then the material around that cavity must be able to withstand the pressure of the mold making, if in doubt please Prestige Models (just click on the back arrow on the menu bar to return back to this site)
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