(Acme Models) Oswold's 'O' Gauge  Scenics (unpainted)
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'O' Locos
Tenders            Accessories
Transportation/Carrying Cases
White Metal Plate Layers Hut
White Metal Thunder Box (Loo) for above

Wood Cutters Set (24 piece) incl. man with positionable arm

Gas (Barley Twist) Lamps (with replaceable LED's)
       £8.50       Per Pair
Horse with/without harness

£2.99 each

Man with Anvil and Tree Stump
Tree Stumps (4 piece)
Mixed Logs (5 piece)
Wood Sacks (5 piece)
Brass Terraced House (Rear Veiw)
W/Metal Fittings For above              Bay Window
£1.50 each
 Sash Windows        3 Types
30p each
40p each
Ridge Tiles for roof
50p each
Bridge: Cast Iron       Span Scroll Work ( in W/Metal )
£2.50 each
Iron Railings for Bridge ( in W/Metal )
£1.25 each
Iron Railings              ( 9.7cm long Brass etch )
       £2.50      per Strip

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